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Party Concepts

If vintage world fascinates and teases you and you are planning a themed event, we will be happy to help you choose the right retro party concept: birthdays, graduation parties, receptions, corporate events, weddings, public events and much more. Each format may be extended according to your needs, in fact, you can add artists who tease you more or additional services.

Tease Me Baby!

Our artists will bring you through the atmospheres of the finest eras: from the Golden Age to the Roaring Twenties, from the wild sixties to fifties’ Happy Days. They will embody beautiful Pin Up girls, sensual and juicy like cherries, and will catch you with a mix of seduction and irony.

Burlesque Temptations

Event dedicated to the art of Burlesque, during which our artists will show you all aspects of this wonderful form of entertainment: classical numbers, fan dance, balloon dance, and numbers with circus and dark influence.

Vamp & Burn

Event inspired by the great Hollywood divas. With a fabulous collection composed by famous songs of ‘30s – ‘40s – ‘50s singers, Marcy will play divas such as Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland and many more. All that can be alternated with our Burlesque Shows.

Life is a Cabaresque

Singer, actress, musical performer, nice, brilliant, sexy and charming, Roxy Melody enchants her audience with her fascinating voice and amazes it with her verve. Perfect to be combined with our Burlesque Shows.

Gangster & Pupe

After the success of The Great Gatsby, our formats would not be complete without a concept inspired by the Roaring Twenties. Musicians, dancers and plumed Burlesque performers with sequins, fringe and pearl necklaces will draw you to the days of Prohibition, fox trot, Charleston and flapper girls.

Flapper & Tapper

Our retro looking dancers will take you back to musics and atmospheres of the past: from the Roaring Twenties up to relive the fabulous ‘50s! Their choreographies are inspired by Charleston, Swing and Tap Dance. With their syncopated rhythms, there will inevitably make you tap your foot and snap your fingers in time to the music.

Swing ‘o’ Rama

Swing music tribute event. Artists will follow a path that goes from Nat “King” Cole to Ella Fritzgerald, passing through Cole Porter and Etta James, to relive the vibrant emotions of a timeless music. Everything can be alternated with our dancers and Burlesque performers and flow to our wonderful DJ sets.

Caravan Circus

As great director Federico Fellini realized, the Circus is a situation full of life and poetry and always manages to communicate magic. There are so many emotions that come in succession during our Circus Shows. You can choose among fire performers, stilt walkers, jugglers, magicians, illusionists and much more.

Wheels & Dolls

Inspired by Rock ‘n’ Roll music, syncopated rhythms, wild dances, guys with cowlick and dolls with polka dots skirts!

Una Notte a Rio

Event inspired by Carmen Miranda, the diva whose merit was contributing to the spread of Brazilian music in the United States through the ‘40s and ‘50s. Our performers will make you relive the trembling emotions of exotic musicals!

Twist & Spray

Thanks to our wild DJs and versatile performers, our artists will make you re-experience Go Go dance wild rhythms, twist, surf music. Everything in ‘60s style!