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Corsi e Workshop

Miss Milky Butterfly, teacher of Burlesque Performance in Les Rendez-vous Burlesque School offers different kinds of courses for professionals and amateurs. “Les Rendezvous Burlesque” are burlesque classes held by Miss Milky Butterfly, theoretical and practical lessons.
Who are they meant for?
Lessons are meant for women of all ages who want to enhance their femininity with Burlesque, with elegance and irony.
Essential requirements?
Enthusiasm, will to have fun, carefreeness and above all, a good dose of self-irony.


Miss Milky Butterfly, teoria, basi dello strip tease, creazione del personaggio, costruzione della coreografia.
Miss Milky Butterfly will teach you the history of this sparkling art and how to remove gloves and stockings in a performative way, the basic repertory movements (bumps & grinds, shimmy shake and tassel twirling). She will also help the pupil to develop her character.

Emiliano Sicuro, storia del costume, ideazione e realizzazione del costume di scena.
Emiliano Sicuro, founder of Lab Costume, will teach and help the new performers in creating a suitable costume, with his many years’ experience in the field of costume making.

Appuntamenti di Stile, acconciatura retrò
Appuntamenti di Stile, retro hairstyle, Lorena e Monia will help you to choose an everyday vintage hairstyle and will share some tips, tricks and secrets of the vintage look.

Ori ‘O’, retro hairstyle
Specialized retro hairstylist, Ori ‘O’ takes part in events dedicated to Vintage and Burlesque, in Italy and abroad. Her experience in the field of hairstyling ranges from fashion to advertising, from photography to training, from theater to fiction.

Alice Onori, trucco storico
Alice Onori, make up artist, specialized in historic and showgirl make up, will teach the basics of a real Pin Up make up, from cat’s eye liner to the perfect red lips.

Basic Course – Burlesque for all

Duration: Nine 4-hour meetings, once a week on Sunday afternoon



  • Theory: History of Burlesque (where it was born, in what era, main icons); figure of the Pin Up
    girl / the why it is linked to Burlesque; show structure / what the main types are.
  • Dialectic of Teasing: Burlesque, Art of Revelation.
  • Style’s typical movements: posture, walk and use of the chair, gloves, socks and corset peeling, Bumps & Grind, Shimmy Shake, Tassels Twirling.
  • Character construction: according to each student’s character.
  • Choreography.
  • Costume + tailoring workshop: history and iconography of Burlesque costume; tricks of the trade, that is where to find clothing and embellishments to make a successful costume; how to get your body measurements.
  • Hairstyle: how to make the preparatory hair-set, ‘40s and ‘50s typical hairstyles.
  • Make-up: how to make a Pin-Up girl make up.

At the end of the course each student will have achieved its own choreography. Girls who wish to complete the path because they feel they are blossoming as starlets, have the opportunity to refine the work in the intermediate course. The main goal of the intermediate course is to train professionals able to enter the world of entertainment, aware of how to realize a real show.

Intermediate Course – Become a Professional!

Duration: Six 4-hour meetings once a week on Sunday afternoon



  • Choreography: completion of the techniques learned during the previous course.
  • Act types: Orientalize, Classic Strip, Fan Dance.
  • Costume: 20th century fashion, analysis of the 20th century decades, fashion designers, dresses and textiles.
  • Hairstyle: ’20s – ’30s – late ‘50s – early ’60s hairstyle techniques and implementation.
  • Make-up: how to make vintage make-up, from the ‘20s up to the ‘60s.

How to apply:
Courses and workshops are limited, have a limited number of participants in order to allow teachers to train attendees as best they can.

Classes are held at the agency’s headquarters, Via di Portonaccio 23B, Rome.
Hairstyling, Makeup and Costume classes will be held at Lab Costume, Via Tibullo, 20 – Prati area, Rome.

Burlesque Workshop for Birthdays and Bachelorette Parties

Duration: 2 to 3 hours, depending on the number of participants

Want to give a memorable bachelorette or birthday party to your friend?
We have the best solution: an effervescent closed-door Burlesque workshop! A wonderful voyage discovering femininity in which both guest of honour and friends will test themselves with pantyhose, gloves and corsets (materials provided by the teacher). This course can also be integrated with an hour dedicated to Make Up or hairstyle.

Weekend Formula

  • Burlesque Basics Workshop: After a short theoretical introduction to the art of Burlesque, Miss Milky Butterfly will show you the main techniques and movements of this ancient form of entertainment, with boas, gloves, and sparkling shoes! Welcome to Burlesque!
  • Vintage Self-Make Up Workshop: History of make up: you will learn how to turn into a flapper girl (1920), a femme fatale (1930), a pin up (1940), a vamp (1950), and a twiggy girl (1960).
  • Burlesque Costume Workshop: Two days to learn how to create a proper Burlesque costume. After the course every participant can bring at home a delightful sexy piece of lingerie, a pair of tassel or a handmade garter.
  • Hairstyle Workshop: The most iconic hairstyles for each decade (1920 to 1950) The pupil will learn how to recreate a vintage hairstyle in her own way!