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Les Folies Retro is the Italian agency specialized in events organization and production, with vintage setting, from the Roaring Twenties, passing through the fabulous Fifties, to the optical Sixties.
Les Folies Retro features an exclusive and highly-qualified cast rigorously skilled within the Burlesque and the Vintage scene.
Our shows are a real time travel that comes alive from the continuous historical research and the care given to every detail, shows are focused on the Burlesque, but in any format there is a rich and varied world of music, rhythms, dances and much more…
The happy meeting of Miss Milky Butterfly, Italian scene’s successful Burlesque performer, and Roma Sound Service, top class entertainment agency in Roma, gives birth to Les Folies Retro. After an initial performative phase, Milky soon realized that the starlet role was too small for her and that’s how she began to devote herself simultaneously to the organizational sphere of the events, becoming creator and producer of several formats and at the same time event host.
In this context, the collaboration with the events agency Roma Sound Service allows her to start with the school Les Rendezvous Burlesque, and eventually assuming the role of agency’s artistic director.